Thursday, November 21, 2019

Letter to my son Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Letter to my son - Essay Example Your dad and I decided to visit the subway for something to eat and as soon as we were done, he moved to another store, as I was moving out of the subway. While moving out, I tried to call your dad to establish his location, and that was when you announced your arrival. It was thirty minutes past noon, and I was rushed to the hospital by your dad. What your father and I underwent in the whole process was not only challenging but also unbearable. The moment you were delivered and placed on my arms, we both cried tears of joy. Your birth was the most cherished moment of our lives. Everybody in the family was happy for having you as a gift from God. I can recall that day when you were born was a Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah and we named you Nathaniel meaning a gift from God. At birth, you resembled your uncle Radik very much, and people started referred to you as ‘mini-radik’ but as days went by, you again begun to resemble your aunt Emily. You also had large eyes and long lashes like me. Your changes because of physical development always made my heart melt with joy plus the numerous smiles from when excited. Even though am not sure if I have been a great mother to you, but you were a blessing to me. You were always my reason for happiness as well as a happy marriage with your dad. As days passed by things begun to get difficult and at times I found myself with hard and straining tasks. The non-stop crying since you wanted to feed within a three-hour period, how you dirtied yourself; as a result either urine, excreta or vomit and your refusal to suck when being breastfed. When breastfed you only held to the breast without sucking, you were too lazy. This shocked several people including the lactation consultant and he advised that the milk had to be put in the mouth for one to can drink. The most devastating of all times came when you were sick. We had to see the Doctor severally from when you were

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